Virtual Business Intensive

November 14, 2020 | 10am - 6pm EST


Due to the developments surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, our in person event has been postponed for this year. While some may find this discouraging, we only find encouragement and inspiration in the opportunity to do things a little differently in this time of uncertainty!


Despite the challenges we all currently face, it is more important now than ever to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to create financial independence for ourselves and families. Our current circumstances only underscore the urgency of this goal. So this year, like everything else, we are going Virtual! 


Structured entirely online, the Virtual Business Expo will take you through of deep dive of transformational business foundations designed to help you create a strong, healthy business ready for unlimited potential and growth. You’ll learn how to find and launch profitable business ideas, find your ideal clients, use marketing to create predictable, revenue, transition your business from a hustle to a bona-fide business with you as CEO, and much, much more. We’ll also check-in on our mental health and discuss strategies for thriving in times of uncertainty. 


ALL presenters are Muslim Women specializing in business, entrepreneurship, healthcare and more. This is truly by us, for us! Join us November 14th to equip yourself with the tools to grow your dramatically!


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